Pulling the Blog Plug!

This is it!  The last blog post!  I have enjoyed blogging—for my self.  It was a good way to document our travel adventures. We’ve captured momentous and fun times!  Photos of electrifying landscapes and small wonders, like lizards and wild flowers.  We can look back on our trips someday as the few hairs left on my head grow more gray, then white—until all the tiny hair’s fall out.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my blog with all of you too.  I appreciated and loved your comments—well, most of them anyway!  Kidding!  And I trashed many spammer, scammer and some shammer comments.  It was nice having friends and fellow RVer’s along!

Big thanks to Select Web Solutions http://selectwebsolutions.com/index.php. My pal, Rolin, is an awesome web designer in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.  He encouraged me!  Well, Rolin insisted that I start blogging.  Then, he set up my blog and hosted it with his servers. “Rolin—what a bitchin blast blogging by Airstream!”

Last thoughts.  I always get a little “giddy” before going on an Airstream trip.  I feel like… well, think of Ebeneezer Scrooge in the Christmas Carol after he has seen the 3 spirits.  He wakes up so giddy!  Scrooge is all excited to be alive.  He jumps around like a little boy again and hugs his blankie!  “I love my blankie,” he says in the play we saw.  I get Scrooge’s giddeness!  Those  feelings overcame me as I anticipated our very first 4-month long Airstream trip back in December 2012. We had our Flying Cloud for about 6 months. We planned a trip down the Oregon and California coasts to spend some time in southern California with a return trip through Utah and Nevada back to Oregon. Wow! Wonderful memories that fill up our photo gallery and many blog posts! That giddy feeling fueled these inspirations to share with you!



Clouds in Grand Tetons, Wyoming


Clouds in Arches National Park, Utah

renew the path to snow-white clouds
and panoramic calico sunsets
to fill your dreams

refresh the anima submerged in babbling brooks,
wandering streams and deep blue oceans,
reflecting steadfast across a sweeping sea,
all by my mother’s womb that carried me

revamp critical thinking, reach toward the sky,
scuff the rock thoughtfully upon the sandy shores,
reshape ideas and refine routines some more

reawaken trail-blazing exuberance creased by knobby treads,
climb rugged peaks and dance upon the desert ballroom
or relax among corn lilies in an alpine meadow

retain good nutrition,
relentless love,
and far reaching friendships
—rejuvenate all

restore the mindful eye with open arms
to the abundant natural world,
rekindle the camp fire
—the embers of time burning white

remember the Pearl comfort
while boarding a flying cloud
rolling to some spiritual revival
along the Oregon banana belt
revel in amazing grace with each snapshot
—one by one,
until your photo gallery in the cloud is filled
with another sensational surreal setting sun

release within, resonates another journey,
refresh on another path—soaring into endless clouds!

Spectacular wild flower hike in Columbia River Gorge, Oregon


Double rainbow at Kershaw-Ryan State Park, Nevada


Brilliant sunset overtaking the shore line as we watched the sun sink into the Pacific Ocean with Wendy and Glen at Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach, California


Chasing the afterglow of the sunset across the desert at the same time a  rainbow pops out at Gilbert Rey, Tucson, AZ


Also, chasing the afterglow of that Tucson sunset, look at this big boy! Not me, the giant Saguaro cactus


Reflections of Alice Lake, Canada BC

So many a sunset, so many a cloud, a rainbow … so many more still to see! The thing is when you camp in a tent, an RV or an Airstream in the great outdoors and are close to the natural world you will see all the wonders—for free!  The connection with the natural world is comparable to nothing else. I like the way Rumi, the Persian poet, says it best, “Mother Universe springs within us, full and ever-flowing, drink your fill.” I am gonna fill up as much as I can!

But it is time to let go of the blog and like a cloud—drift away!  I still feel giddy when I  think about hooking up my Flying Cloud to the red Tundra!  Ah, it is good to be rejuvenated!


Autumn day near John Day, Oregon

Note: I will be writing a travel journal when we Go-By-Airstream.  If you want to be on my short list, I can send you updates via email (BCC, so your email address is keep private).  Just post a comment, which allows me to capture the email address you want to use.  Let’s keep in touch.

Note: If you have an Airstream, travel trailer or RV and would like to caravan with us to Alaska someday—it would be so “cool” to go together!  Let us know you might think about it.  I have no plan or dates picked yet.  Just a desire.  Sometimes that is all you need—before you know it—you are an AirHead!


Just another Tucson sunset! Chow! We are not Two Airheads anymore!  What will we be next?  Who knows? For sure there will be more sunsets for us!

Next to Last Blog Post: This is the life!

I mentioned in my previous post, “We Are Not Two Airheads Anymore” that we are pulling the plug on www.twoairheads.com Blog.  Moving on …!

We will continue to Go-By-Airstream.  When we go, I will keep a travel journal and photos of new adventures.  If you have not indicated already and would like to stay in touch with us, I will email you BCC (so your email address is kept private).  Post a comment, which allows me to capture the email address you want to use. Then, we can keep in touch when we do Go-By-Airstream!


Go-By Airstream last April, Lees Ferry, Glen Canyon, Arizona

Also If you have an Airstream, travel trailer or RV and want to caravan with us to Alaska someday, please let us know.  We are “crazy” to go there as a group.

Now my next to last blog: One morning I was watching deer out the window of the Airstream during morning coffee.  Here are my observations and inspirations!

This is the life!

organic roasted coffee beans I hand grinded
while looking through my Airstream window
a doe and two fawn nibble on Thimbleberry
as the sun begins to crawl branch by tree branch
across the forest with a cup of fresh pour-over coffee
making my morning observations
—this is “the” life

our Flying Cloud follows the sun
and is a spiritual discovery begun
towing back roads and scenic by-ways
through fierce winds, torrential rains,
thunder and lightning, relentless sandstorms,
hail striking the aluminum skin sounded
like Sammy Davis Junior tap dancing on the roof
or how about unexpected snow falling ever so quickly
and sticking to our awning, through this all
—this is “the” life!

reflections of nature
pulling our covered wagon
through high desert sages
to valleys fullest flora and fauna
along winding green rivers
out to blustery, rocky shores
and sunny sandy beaches
hiking along an alpine trail
spending a night watching a single star
fade in and out of light
living the dream
—this is “the” life

a declaration to patience
while sitting under a ginormous Douglas Fir tree
breaking through the forest roof
and listening to Sandy’s soothing serenade
rippling through each turn and bend
recalling Henry David Thoreau said
“people seldom hit what they do not aim at”
we hit the bulls eye living this Walden
this is not some social experiment
—this is “the” life

To Go-By-Airstream … well this is living the dream!


Blue sky and scattered clouds at secret place near Moab, Utah


Storm is coming at Sand Island, Utah


Snow flurries at Stub Stewart State Park, Buxton, Oregon


October snow fall in Sisters, Oregon


Morning after sand storm, Nehalem Bay, Oregon Coast


Elks Lodge (Huh, oh yea!) on the lazy Molalla River, Canby, Oregon


Awesome view at secret camp spot in Moab, Utah (thanks Ingrid!)

alice lake

Peaceful autumn day at Squamish, British Columbia, Canada


Great place to back into … Watch out for that big rock! … Valley of Fire, Nevada


Nothing but desert and another Airstream from Oregon at Joshua Tree National Park, California


2-Tundra, 2-25 Foot Airstream Trip with Greg & Amy, McKenzie River, Oregon


Sometimes we have to go to an RV park! Next to a classic Airstream, Santa Rosa, California


Kershaw Ryan State Park, Nevada, … one of many great parks there!


Our longest clothes line in the redwoods of Kings Canyon National Park, California


Had to stick this in … Windy wash day in Washoe State Park, Nevada


No one but us in the City of Rocks, Idaho


Hula hoop, bikes, Saguaro cactus and desert “home for a while” at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona


Tent camping before the Airstream was fun too with our 4-Runner, Anza Borrego State Park, California

This is not fair. So many pics! So many places we have parked are so majestic! I actually have a picture of most all of the 120 camp sites we have parked at. Oh, there may be 2 sites at some places. I do recall a time or two parking in a site reserved by someone else. Oops! Oops!

We Are Not Two Airheads Anymore!

This will be #1 of #3 more TwoAirhead’s blog posts to go. What’s up? Read on!

It’s been 3 1/2 years since we sold our over-sized view home in Trabuco Canyon, CA, and moved to a down-sized, high-rise condo in Portland, OR. And we pulled the trigger on a 25 foot Airstream, Flying Cloud too. Since then, we love traveling and visiting our natural wonders. Going where we want, when we want! This is a cool “retire-less” life style for TwoAirheads. Oh, we’ll still be Airstream-ing after we pull the Blog plug.

Looking back on our adventures—we’ve parked our rig into 120 camp sites. In 498 days on the road we’ve cruised back roads across mountain passes through 7 states (AZ, CA, ID, OR, NV, UT, & WA) and Canada BC. And we still have so much more to see out West. We’ve logged 21,690 miles on the Airstream.

Along the way we’ve gone on 225 hikes (760 miles), 105 mountain bike rides (1,500 miles), trucked down hundred’s of miles of scenic off-road trips with our Tundra. I wonder how many organic meals (from scratch) Gail made? Well, I’ll estimate roughly 996—good eats!

We’ve camped in pouring rain, hail, thunder & lightning, fierce winds, sandstorms and a few snow storms! We felt protected and cozy in so many situations. One morning we woke up with the trailer covered in sand and none of the locks worked—front door and all Airstream compartments. Que sera sera, whatever will be will be!

Before we quit work to go on the road in 2012, one of my client’s said, you must be kidding—are you both Airheads? Sell your home? Travel around like a gypsy? Who knew for sure if we were crazy back then. But today, we can say for sure—we are not Two Airheads anymore!

Blogging has been fun but I am weary of the constant SPAM and phishing! As I phase out of blogging, I’ll keep a travel journal and take photos of places we visit. If you would like to stay in touch and get updates where we are, I will email all interested friends BCC (so your email address is keep private). Just post a comment that you want to stay in touch.

If you have an Airstream, travel  trailer or RV and would like to caravan with us to Alaska someday, please let us know so we can stay in touch.

You still have time to re-read your favorite posts before TwoAirheads.com pulls the Blog plug!

gail : roger pic

We are not Two Airheads anymore! And Happy Holidays from Portland, OR!

DSC_0104 IMG_9117

Screaming Squamish & Vancouver BC!

With over 120 miles of singletrack, Mountain Bike Magazine named Squamish one of the top 25 wildest places to ride in the world. Between Vancouver and Whistler, situated in a valley with surrounding mountains, Squamish’s biking trails range from gentle cruises in the estuary and friendly cross country trails to hairball downhill descents. Lots of single tracks right around town. I loved the convenient easy access, even right from our camp ground at Alice Lake Provincial Park.

We spent a week in Canada, British Columbia, splitting time at Squamish and in Vancouver. Definitely a place to go back to!

View from trail!

View from single track trail in Squamish, Garibaldi Highlands!

Trail in Girabaldi Highlands!

Waiting on an ultra-marathon “gal” on the trail who was a begginer on mountain bike so I helped her around the trail! Excellent trail conditions, no mud, considering 2 days of solid rain.

On the way to Squamish in pouring rain, waterfall upon waterfall spilled down the Alpine rocky cliffs as we pulled the Airstream along the scenic Sea to Sky Highway with mountains on one side and ocean-sounds on the other. Pretty-yyy! Once we situated camp at Alice Lake, we headed to the bike shop in town before it closed. We got a trail map and a tip on best pub and cafe, the Watershed, along the Squamish river. A fellow in the pub said the water has not been this high in 50 years. It was 20 feet higher and about 10 feet from coming over the edge. It has been so dry here and the water could not absorb. Entire trees were flying down the muddy river as we watched inside at the open air patio at the Watershed with Fat Tug IPA and an organic burger. Once the rain stopped, the blue skies with some clouds and filtered rays of sun bounced off the turbulent waters.

Hanging on the river at the Watershed pub & cafe.

Hanging on the river at the Watershed pub & cafe.

Sun peeks after the big 2-day rains!

Sun peeks after the big 2-day rains!

Squamish river rising!

Squamish river rising! Huge trees upon tree flew down this roaring river.

Alice Lake

Alice Lake

Camp at Alice Lake.

Camp at Alice Lake.

Big rock of moss moss moss!

Big rock of moss on Alice Lake hike!

No problem with this grade! Look out! Brake! Brake! Brake!

No problem with this grade! Look out! Brake! Brake! Brake!

it was about 3 hours of hiking through the treetops of a rain forest on well-engineered suspension bridges and wooden walk ways. The main suspension sways about 250 feet above river and 500 feet across. Also, rather than have a trail on top of the cliff, they engineered a walkway cantilevered about 10-20 feet away from the cliff overhanging the river below. All very cool! Pictures can not do it justice.

Swing onto the Suspension Bridge, Vancouver!

Swing onto the Suspension Bridge, Vancouver!

Trails in the treetops and side of cliffs.

Trails in the treetops and side of cliffs.

Among the trees walk!

Among the trees walk!

We did a few days of tourist stuff at Vancouver. What a cool city! Feels a bit like Portland. Very scenic, lots of cool bridges, good grub, Gastown, China town, Sea Bus, Stanley Park 500 acres and more … our RV park was just 1-mile across the Lions Gate Bridge into Vancouver.

IMG_7836 (1)

Leaving Canada BC was easy. Different story at the Canadian USA border. About 30 minutes going nowhere to get to the border. Start and go and stop and wait. Then, another 45 minutes waiting while USA border guards searched our trailer and truck. We had to wait  inside a building, give our keys to the guards. I asked the search guard to please take off his shoes in the trailer. He said he would not. OK then! I explained to him how to open the trailer door, it is touchy. He said he can handle it. Tough guys! We declared food only, including some very delicious BC grown honey crisp apples. Guard came back to us and said “I could not find the apples” so we had to show him, although Gail told him to look under the sink. The guard confiscated our yummy apples—that’s it! I was happy as heck to get going.